Abjini Arraiz  (Shamanik)

Abjini gives sessions as a therapist, spiritual coach, counselor and is facilitator of workshops and circles where combines Sacred Geometry, shamanism, meditation, trance, dance, music and relaxation.

Abjini has more than 20 years of experience in supporting people to overcome emotional and physical health situations, with the use of different techniques and modalities of healing. It is her mission to contribute to live in a healthier and better world by honoring Mother Earth and all her living creatures.

She is certified as Holistic Therapist in India, she also holds diplomas in Pranic Healing®, Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner, Reiki, Reconnective Healing®, EMF Balancing Technique®, Systemic Ritual ®, Biodecode Christian Fleche School and is a Drunvalo’s Melchizedek Facilitator of Sacred Geometry.

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