Carolina Williams
Bio-Well Energy Field Scans Specialist, Ayurveda Teacher, Mindfulness/Life Coach 


Her Experience

Her survival and healing journey inspired her to travel around the world to learn from healers. She has learned Mindfulness from Tibetan Monks, and has met the Dalai Lama. She has trained with Deepak Chopra’s Team and is part of the Gaia Healer’s Network as a Bio-Well Practitioner.


Her Methods and Outlook

All these amazing experiences have motivated her to help people recognize, regulate and release strong emotions and stress, and teach how to heal mentally, emotionally and from trauma. She uses Mindfulness, Inner child work techniques, Reiki and other modalities to help her clients shift their energy and align with their purpose. 

She decided to open her new practice where she provides her Quantum Energy Healing and Shifting services.

 She is so excited to be able to transform lives with the Bio-Well System , Energy Healing and Mindfulness. 


About Carolina

Carolina Williams is from Bolivia and has lived in the US since 1997. She lives in Coral Gables with her 12-year old son. She started her career as a Bilingual Educator and Learning Specialist. After surviving cancer at age 26 she started a healing journey that transformed her life.


Her Training

Carolina has a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education and Gifted and Talented Education and works as a learning specialist. 

When she started her spiritual journey, she became a certified Reiki Master, Chopra Meditation and Ayurveda teacher, Mindfulness Coach from Mindful Schools, Life Coach from the University of Miami, and a Bio-Well Energy Field scans certified practitioner. 


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