Elena Bou

Elena is the founder and the beautiful healing energy behind Spa Angeli.


She is a licensed aesthetician, nutritionist, holistic health coach, baker, traveler and a lover of food, beauty, nature and the healing arts.


Elena incorporates all her talents, experiences and offers her clients  a holistic approach to health and beauty.  Spa Angeli is a little haven for clients to nourish their inner and outer beauty and rekindle their spirit.

Signature Spa Angeli Holistic Skin Treatment 60 minutes ~ 75 minutes

A luxurious holistic experience designed to detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate your skin while pampering and rekindling your spirit. Warm towels steamed with your favorite essential oil, dermal globes and light brushing techniques are used throughout the treatment. The result is beautiful, glowing skin and a renewed peaceful



Aroma Touch 60 minutes

A gentle touch technique that utilizes eight medical grade essential oils to promote deep relaxation and hormone. Through a specific application sequence and touch techniques to the spine and feet deep relaxation is achieved.


Micro - Needling 45 minutes

This procedure involves tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The process also creates

micro-channels which allow topical nutrient rich serums to be absorbed more effectively. Skin texture, tone, color, and hyperpigmentation are improved. 

Shirodhara Inspired 30 minutes

Warm oil infused with herbs is gently poured over the forehead to induce tranquility of the body, mind and spirit. Helps sooth the wrinkles between your eye brow and forehead. Hair is deeply conditioned leaving it soft and silky.

Back Ritual 30 minutes 

Scrubs away life’s stresses and leaves your back silk, supple and tension free.Homemade herbed salt scrub is used to exfoliate, cleanse those hard to reach areas. Hot stone massage concludes the treatment leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Sun Kiss Glow 60 minutes    

Skin is fully exfoliated with our house recipe sea salt-sugar scrub. Steamed warm towels are applied after exfoliation and then massaged evenly with a natural body bronzer. The result is a sun-kissed skin from head to toe.


Crystal Bowl Sound Healing TBA 

The soothing, deeply nourishing sound and vibrations emanating from the crystal singing bowls re-tune the body by opening, clearing and re-balancing each of the seven major chakras. These healing sounds help bring physical, mental and emotional healing and balance. Let the beautiful music wash through you to bring deep peace and inner balance.


Guided Meditation 15 minutes   

Chakra balancing for inner bliss. Energetic and soulful healing.








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