Jennifer J. Kaufman, CCT

Hi! My name is Jennifer Kaufman and I am a graduate of NYU, a ACCT certified clinical thermographer and Dr. Sears certified Health Coach. In 2014 I came across an article titled Thermography vs Mammography.  At the time I did not know it would change my life. Within a month of my initial screening I decided to become a thermographer. I hope I have the opportunity to share this amazing FDA approved medical screening along with my experience and knowledge with you.


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Multiple studies have shown that inflammation is associated with many health problems.  A thermography scan detects inflammation in the body with amazing accuracy.  Thermal changes over time many identify abnormal physiology.  Detecting these abnormalities in the early stages, before the symptoms appear, allows for early intervention with more options.  


We specialize in breast thermography and full body scans. 

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