Mimi Perez

Usui Reiki Practitioner

After 20 plus years working as an assistant to Medical and Holistic practitioners and admiring the results of the work they do.  Mimi decided to learn the Usui Reiki method to help people with the following:


* Pains, anxiety, stress, over whelming thoughts;

* Negative believes, anger issues, phobias, addiction and/or depression;

* Chakra Balancing and clearing;

* Home and office clearing / cleansing.


Physic messages available with your Reiki session.  Her goal is to assist people in achieving their goals to a healthy, happy and balance life.

The spiritual healing art of Reiki works by channeling positive energy into the body.  The Practitioner's hands are place on the affected ares of the body that need a boost, offering this energy and your body takes in the energy where it needs it the most.  You will feel a near immediate sensation of relief as it releases tension and lessens the impact of stress by replacing Negative energy with Positive.   Crystals are used during the Session.