I use an eclectic blend of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Transactional Analysis in the “talk therapy” aspect of my work.  Psychotherapy is a very useful tool in helping people gain awareness about their thinking, to see the relationship between thoughts and feelings, to change how they think, and also then to create related behavioral changes.  However, I have found over the years that psychotherapy, alone, oftentimes has its limitations.  Here’s what I mean:  Everything that happens to you in life impacts your mind, your body and your energy.  Psychotherapy is effective at addressing the mind.  However, permanent change happens when the emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic levels connected to any traumatic events of the past are truly and deeply healed, as well.  This applies equally to small “t” traumas (e.g., falling and scraping your knee on the playground when no adult was there to help you, having a fight with your boss, being stranded with a flat tire) or big “T” traumas (e.g., abuse, war trauma, major accidents).  Therefore, therapies that address mind, body, spirit, AND energy, are more thorough.  That is why I use a combination of psychotherapy with EFT.

MindBody Wellness


The first step toward mindbody wellness is clearing out the emotional and energetic roadblocks.  If you are physically ill or suffering from a “dis-ease”, there is almost always an emotional component that is creating the “dis-ease”.  When we aren’t listening to the mindbody’s needs, the mindbody will express itself in a way that is much harder to ignore, i.e., through pain or illness.  Now that your body has your attention, it is important to uncover what the message is.  Using EFT, uncovering that message is surprisingly easy.  People are often surprised to find that there is an emotional connection to their pain, illness or disease.  However, once the issue comes to the level of conscious awareness, there is often an “aha!” moment when a person makes the connection between the illness and an emotional challenge in their life.  I also resource the profound theories of German New Medicine (GNM) which identifies very specific emotional conflicts that are involved in creating a physical ailment within the body.  Using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, those emotional conflicts are cleared out.  As the energies in the mind and body are returning to a balanced state, that is the time to include a focus on Natural Health & Wellness approaches such as dietary, supplemental (herbs, vitamins, & minerals), and exercise.

Practitioners Who Specialize in Psychotherapy:

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