Elsa is a Dynamic International Transformational Speaker and Success Coach based out of Toronto, Canada. She is enthusiastic about life, passionate about growth, and committed to helping Individuals and Organizations Succeed.


She was trained by Dr.Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, and is a Certified Trainer in the Canfield methodology. She has an undergraduate degree from IIT, India, popularly known as the MIT of India.


Elsa has successfully led multi-million dollar programs working with teams across the world. She has been instrumental in managing transformation projects working with Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 2000 companies.


Elsa employs success principle techniques such as meditation, visualization, affirmations, and rejection handling. She believes in bringing harmony to the left brain's interests in pursuing Math, Science, and rational thinking; and the right brain's interests such as creative Arts, cultural dances, and shows. She loves technology and progress but believes success is achieved only when a person is empowered to perform their role.


Elsa believes in having a positive outlook on life and in empowering others to reach their potential.  She is compassionate, fun-loving, and believes in helping people from all walks of life. Being born to Indian Parents, raised in the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait, and Settled in Canada, She has a global outlook and a world view and believes in accepting people as they are regardless of their background, race, religion or creed.​

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