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The Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool that produces Gas Discharge images of human fingers. The fingertip images change based upon one’s emotional and energy states. Utilizing the product's sophisticated software, your results are analyzed quickly, and within minutes you’ll have a glimpse of your own energy and balance levels.

The test is easy and only involves the insertion of fingers into a small box which then takes a picture using a gas discharge visualization camera. Please note: short fingernails are required for this process to ensure an accurate image.

While the Bio-well is not a medical device, it does deliver an extremely accurate and effective way to see the effect that different kinds of stimuli have upon the body. Because the tool utilizes certain acupuncture and Ayurvedic principles, there is even a feature that offers an impressive glimpse into the current state of one’s chakras. The example of scan below demonstrates the current state of balance of one subject’s chakras.



The Scan Includes:

  • Express Energy Assessment

  • Full 25-page Report

  • Before & After Analysis

  • Consultation with a certified Bio Well Practitioner

  • Custom Sound Healing Music 

  • Energy & Wellness Analysis

  • Emotional & Physiological Analysis

  • Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Balance 

  • Chakra Reports

  • Meridian Energy Flow Reports

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